CentroPro™ (Centrophenoxine)


250mg capsules, 60 per pack

CentroPro™ contains an interesting combination of two DMAE molecules called centrophenoxine. (DMAE is a natural molecule found in fish* and forms part of the reasoning that consuming fish regularly is good for memory in general).

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Centrophenoxine is used extensively in central Europe and it has undergone much research leading to many published studies by Professor Imre Zs.-Nagy whom has personally used it for more than 40 years. He has pointed out that centrophenoxine helps to keep cell membranes clean, allowing better passage of nutrition into a cell, and better passage of debris out of a call, in so doing also combating his published ‘cell membrane hypothesis of aging.’

A highlight is centrophenoxine’s ability to reduce the accumulation of a toxin in brain cells called lipofuscin. When those deposits become significant, they begin to form plaques and these in turn can cause brain disorders.

Two capsules of CentroPro™ daily can help sharpen cognition and enhance the speed of memory recall. Aid memory health with CentroPro™.

*Note: There is no fish extract in CentroPro™


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