PregPro™ (Pregnenolone) Tablets


60 x 50mg Scored Tablets

PregPro™ contains pregnenolone, this hormone is principally produced in the adrenal glands and before NSAIDs drugs were developed, it was pregnenolone that was used to treat inflammation.

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And today, this action means it remains a useful adjunct to reduce swelling. So, persons with all kinds of aching joints can get relief, that’s older persons improving their mobility, to sportspeople reducing their afflictions with repetitive strain injuries.

In addition, pregnenolone is noted to lower cortisol levels; since cortisol can induce stress and tension, it comes as no surprise that pregnenolone can assist by relaxing some individuals.

Note: PregPro™ tablets are scored which means they can be easily broken into two halves, changing doses where necessary. Less than 50 mg a day may be suitable for smaller persons or those with milder concerns.