ProgestPro™ (Progesterone)


50ml 2500mg cream pump bottle

ProgestPro™ contains natural (bioidentical) progesterone in a topical cream form.

This predominantly female hormone is produced in the ovaries. It may act as an aromatase inhibitor, but principally it is a counter-balance to estrogens, accordingly it helps during the menopause and can improve bone mass.

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Dr. John Lee’s books about progesterone are an excellent resource to learn more about the benefits of progesterone.

Progesterone cream is sometimes used to improve skin condition, in particular for its moisture-enhancing abilities and to induce some plumpness. It need only be used in sparing doses, often just 1ml of cream spread carefully and thinly onto the skin, applied daily for 21 days and then not at all for a week.

Note: Each complete pump of the ProgestPro™ airless tube releases 1ml of natural progesterone cream.


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